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Identity has been connected to people for centuries and across civilizations; the concept that gives a uniqueness and difference from other environments and societies that surround it, and continue to expand the concept and application towards broader directions, extending from the identity of the human being.

Now a days, identity has become an integral part of every successful project, and we know the family and the dream house are the most important life project, it is time for you to create an identity that reflects the values of your family and puts it in an artistic mold that embodies in the corners of your home, furniture and even in your hospitality, in that way the identity of your family will be transmitted to the generations that will come later on, to establish a unique legacy that they will be proud of.

The identity of the family:

A concept of innovation and a conversation in the visual design sector, which was evaluated throughout the past acres on commercial businesses and personal identities; because of that Nuqta team have worked to create the new concept of family identity for villas and palaces, which perpetuate a legacy of the genealogy, and preserve many of the family's private belongings that have been passed down by its generations, and the values and principles on which the people of the house grew up and were unique, so that the design of the house and all its accessories are characterized by interconnected artistic and visual elements that make it a distinctive and familiar image in the minds and memory of all family guests and their acquaintances.

Our Services:

From the entrance and external walls of your home to the smallest details in your garden and kitchen, we reflect the values that your family believes in in the form of an artistic visual identity, giving the details of your home an unparalleled elegance and luxury.

Imagine that you have a distinctive artistic icon in your home that you will never find in any other houses, an artistic unit that appears in the outer wall, doors of the house, walls, windows, and even in the smallest details of utensils, accessories, murals and even your gifts that keep you in the memory of your guests.